Playgrounder Of The Month

Starting in 2019, each month a Creative Playground Student will be nominated by their teacher or coach to become the Playgrounder of the Month! These students will be featured on our Facebook page and our website! Check back every month to see who is chosen!

April 2019: Audrey!

Audrey was nominated for Playgrounder of the Month by our Teen Contemporary Instructor, Miss Danielle. She says: “Audrey is so positive every time she comes into class. She is ready to work hard, learn new styles and technique, and is willing to try anything. I can tell she cares for others and puts in 100% into her work. I am thrilled she is back at the studio and I hope she continues to dance because I can tell that she loves it. I cannot wait to see what she will continue to do in class and in recital!” Congrats Audrey!


March 2019: Ivy!

Ivy was nominated for Playgrounder of the Month by Miss Ashley, our Tiny Competition Team Coach. She says: “I could not be more proud of how much Ivy has improved this season! Her hard work and passion for dance is apparent when she steps out on stage! When Ivy performs, she spreads joy to everyone who watches her and she is such a joy to coach! Thank you Ivy Mae for your dedication and positivity!” Congrats Ivy!


February 2019: Ellamarie!

Ellamarie was nominated for Playgrounder Of The Month by Miss Danielle, our Hip Hop instructor. She says: “Ellamarie is a joy to have in class! She comes to class ready to dance and have fun! She is always willing to learn and try new things even if it may be hard. Ella always has a smile on her face and is such a positive leader. I can’t wait to keep seeing her improve as class goes on!” Congrats!!

January 2019: Jenny!

Jenny was nominated for Playgrounder of the Month by Miss Ashley, our tap instructor. Ashley says: “Jenny always has a smile on her face and is eager to learn every class! She, despite being the youngest in the class, is a positive leader who always does her best and shows everyone how much she loves to dance. She has improved so much this year and I am so proud of her!” CONGRATS Jenny!

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