Our Spring Session 2 runs 6 weeks: April 15-May 24th

June 2, 2019- Save the Date– This is Creative Playground’s 1st Annual Recital! (you must sign up for Spring Sessions 1 & 2 in order to participate in the recital, due to choreography and costuming deadlines.)

Our Summer Session runs for 8 weeks: June 24- August 17th

SPRING PRICE: $50 per Session (per class)



Ages 2-3   Mondays  5:30-6:15 *Class FULL*

                                Ages 2-3   Wednesdays 5:30-6:15 *Class FULL*

Little Movers: Little Movers will learn to work with their friends while learning fun dance routines. Classes will include stories about dance and fun exercises to promote different genres of dance.



Ages 4-6   Mondays  5:30-6:30

Hip Hop 4-6: Students will learn basic technique in the style of hip hop and will learn a dance routine and fun combinations.

Ages 7-11   Mondays  6:30-7:30 

Hip Hop 7-11: Students will learn basic technique in the style of hip hop and will learn a dance routine and fun combinations including freestyle.



Ages 4-6   Tuesdays  5:30-6:30

Pom 4-6: This energetic class will introduce young children to dance using pom-poms. Class consists of fun warm-ups followed by stretch and strength exercises.

Ages 7-10   Tuesdays  6:30-7:30 

Pom 7-10: Considering your school team or competing with the studio? This Pom class will develop the basics- including tricks, faces & working with poms. Learn the straight lines and strong arms necessary to perform a solid pom routine.



Ages 13-18   Wednesdays 6:30 – 7:30

Ages 13-18: In this class students will learn a different contemporary short combo each week; so that students can get a taste of contemporary dance with different types of music. They will also be learning different jumps and turns to add flare to their routines! Throughout that class the students will also learn how to improvise to music as well as the importance of how it helps with their technique.



Ages 4-6   Wednesdays  5:30-6:30 

Ages 7-11   Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 

Ages 4-11: Tap is a style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork and rhythms. Our tap classes stress the basics of tap while also teaching musicality and rhythm.



Ages 4-7   Thursdays  5:30-6:30 (Pre-Ballet) *CLASS FULL*

Ages 4-7: Our Pre-Ballet class builds the foundations for strong technique. Students will learn basic principles of dance that will help guide them in other dance training.

Ages 8-11   Thursdays  6:30-7:30 (Ballet/Jazz Combo)

Ages 8-11: In this class children will learn the basics of dance through the style of ballet and jazz. Students will learn the importance of beginning positions through ballet and will start the basics of leaps, jumps and turns in Jazz. They will learn the technique of each style as well as the importance of stretching and flexibility.


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